Woman Holding Frog inner Spirit Rattle by J. Davis Studio

Go ahead. Pick up your innerSpirit Rattle. Cup it in the palm of your hand Focus on the weight. Now give it a shake. Did you feel that? Of course you did. Your shoulders just relaxed. That’s stress leaving your body. Naturally. Okay… now for the biggie. Think of one thing for which you are grateful. Come on. You can think of at least one. Pay attention. There! Now you feel it. That’s amazing, huh? Your heart and your head just pushed your worries aside. Unite your mind, body, and soul to conquer fear. Use this rattle as a tool. Make some funky music. Shake to the rhythm of your favorite music, or to the beat of your own drum.

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Think gratitude when you see an innerSpirit Rattles.
Feel gratitude when you hold one.
Spread gratitude when you shake it.

*Tip: The more you shake the better for us all.