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“I was looking for something just truly unique on our trip and stopped in an art gallery in the Denver airport and found your artwork. I have my Raku rattle next to my workspace and when I need to slow down or count my blessings, I pick it up and it gives me a great deal of pleasure and brings calm to my day.”  ~Anne

Woman holding a Raku innerSpirit Rattle

innerSpirit Rattles stand for simplicity and survival.

Prehistoric rattles reinforce humanity’s shared heritage. The early rhythm makers are found in archaeological digs in even the most remote places on earth, and have significant cultural and historical importance. Handcrafted from inventive materials by resourceful peoples, the artifacts are testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

J. Davis Studio’s sweet little bibelots are first shaped in clay, then drenched with an iridescent Raku glaze that creates perfectly imperfect swirls of coppery plums, reds, blues, ochres, and greens. Pick your rattle up from its nestling spot on a desk or vanity, and the tiny balls tucked inside make a soft soothing sound. No two look or sound alike.

Exploring a display of innerSpirit Rattles is an interactive and musical experience that often pulls others into fun and lively conversations. The wabi-sabi inspired Raku firing process creates a one-of-a-kind asymmetrical surface, and each innerSpirit Rattle has its own unique sound as well. People love turning the rattles over and over, one-by-one while shaking them until they find the one that “speaks to them.”

Iris at the Basin Eureka Springs, AR
                                                                                                                                       Iris at the Basin Eureka Springs, AR

“I photocopied the wonderful page which you send that tells the story of Gratitude and give it to our customers who purchase the rattles. They even ask for a copy to enclose with a gift purchase. Good job.”  ~Cynthia

Encouraging customers to shake innerSpirit Rattles is the secret to their success! Download one of our story sheets or bios for your display to help encourage a curiosity. Create interesting displays stacked in bowls or use the box the products come in. The recycled Kraft paperboard box speaks to the earthy American craft found within, and the nest made of black parchment paper inside it accentuates Raku’s ethereal swirls of iridescent colors. With their own meaningful story card tucked inside the box, innerSpirit Rattles and Raku Ornaments are perfect for immediate gifting!

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have a design that’s not a good fit for your shop or gallery, we have a 90-day exchange policy, and there are no time limits if you ever find a defect. It’s very rare, but rest assured we never want you to hesitate to let us know if there’s a problem.

Interested in carrying J. Davis Studio products in your gift shop or gallery?

innerSpirit Rattles make wonderful hostess gifts
                                                                                         innerSpirit Rattles make wonderful hostess gifts

Besides the traditional American craft galleries and boutique gift shops, innerSpirit Rattles and Raku Ornaments have sold at a wide variety of retail locations (destination health resorts, national art museums and parks, hospital gift shops, gift shops in churches and places of worship, and independent bookstores) like those below.

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