I’ve lived all my life in the Chihuahuan Desert and am deeply inspired by its rugged terrain, subtle colors, and remarkable beauty. My work reflects the incredible hues of the mountain sunsets, the diverse vegetation, and the variability of this untamed region.” ~ John Davis

John Davis’s line of Raku Ornaments and innerSpirit Rattles are his most popular products.

John is also known for his unique slab built inlaid vase construction techniques.

His inlaid vase process is labor-intensive, but the outcome is the feel of an heirloom passed down through generations. The floral and cacti vases are made from slabs of clay pressed into molds he’s made from actual flowers and leaves or sculpted from an oil-based clay. The vases are hand formed, dried slowly, and then painted with colorful underglazes before firing for the first time.

To give them an aged look, each vase is washed with a rich, dark stain, then painted and air brushed with delicate details before being fired again.

John Davis limited production vases are available only on ArtfulHome.com.

John Davis on ArtfulHome.com