How innerSpirit Rattles got their name

San Francisco's Historic Grace Cathedral
..San Francisco’s Historic Grace Cathedral..

With its powerful message of inclusivity and the congregation’s celebration of diversity as well as of the arts, we are proud that the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco was one of our very first gift shop accounts. For that, we are grateful, but we are especially appreciative of them, because in a roundabout way, they helped us name innerSpirit Rattles.

John’s mom was the most optimistic and funny person I’ve ever known. A deeply spiritual and devout Christian her whole life, she mentioned she was worried about the negative connotation of the term “spirit rattles” and of the dark ways it suggested they might be used. When we told her that the Grace Cathedral carried them in their gift shop, she was visibly relieved. Faye let out a loud laugh, clapped her hands, and exclaimed, “Well, if they’re good enough for the Episcopalians, they are good enough for me!!” Yay!

John and I were grateful for his mom’s input. The rattles are all about joy  They are about bringing people together, reducing worry, and calming fears. We certainly did not want them to cause any concern. So we went straight to work on a new name. We went through many ideas before coming up with the right one. And once we landed on innerSpirit Rattles… it was like music started playing and birds began singing. Our eyes got big, our hearts did flip flops, and high fives were given. “innerSpirit Rattles” could not possibly be more perfect.